No On Gorsuch
By Solon
Mar 24, 2017, 3:33pm

Not just because he is an “originalist” which is a code word for “Conservative”, not because he has consistently voted for the rights of corporations, and not because he is sexist, but because he is just the wrong person. This time demands an outstanding human being who is truly independent, not beholding to any group or entity. And certainly not beholding to the likes of Trump , Phil Anschutz and the Heritage Foundation.

This issue is about “checks and balances” as laid out in our Constitution. The future of the world is in the hands of a group of “smart guys” with no morals or ethics and little understanding of issues like diplomacy, world affairs, global warming, economics, health care as well as no understanding of our own Constitution. Instead of draining the swamp – we have “Swamp Thing” in the White House and a cash register at the door.

The test for Gorsuch is whether he can stand up to the tidal wave that is coming or “dance with the one that brought him”. No confidence in that. No vote.

Ed Note: This was submitted to The Denver Post - Letter To The Editor - but since the Post is a big supporter of Gorsuch - it is unlikely to be published. Too bad! So Sad!

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