Solstice of Winter Twenty Thirteen
By Turtle Heart
Dec 21, 2013, 11:23am

Dear Friends

(1 of 10 Pantelleria Eagles right over the house 2 days ago)

Yes. A solstice of winter has arrived. I send my song and prayers and hopes for everyone to have a good winter, great holidays ahead and blessings.

This quarter there is an audio, the song we made at 6:11 pm CET (solstice) Pantelleria.
(10 mb)

an old indian
watches the sun set at the edge of the sea
as the bright moon carries up the new season
an open gate between
the light and the shadow of time
crying out, there is a song
he found carried on the wind
holding a simple feather
his dream turns to gold
as the world fills up with silence
twenty thirteen
my old friend and I...

Turtle Heart and Silvia Santi
Pantelleria Island

Ed Note: Turtle Heart is an poet/artist/sculptor/computer Ojibway man who now lives on Pantelleria, an island off the coast of Italy. We have known him for many years and consider him a dear friend. To know more about him one can go to his website - Sacred Pipe - A World Journey.

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