Solstice of Winter || Twenty Twelve
By Turtle Heart
Dec 21, 2012, 1:11pm

the solstice of winter, our passage into the energy of dreaming of going inside and making is here. Blessings and more blessings to all of you as the holiday season begins, as the Christmas lights are turned on, as we feast and love each other...

(Solstice of Winter || Twenty Twelve)

I can hear children screaming
While the old men in their hand-made suits
Eat fried chicken to prove how much they hate Obama
And the poor
And the hungry
And the lost, as they lock and load
One more time
As they count the money in their designer bags
As the bullets pass through the hearts
Of screaming children, of mothers
And dreamers suddenly awakened
In pain and clenching rigid jaws
I turn and measure the long shadow behind me
And sit down to pray and sing
In a sacred manner
And welcome in the winter's rise
Another gate has opened....but I am sitting very still
This time
All the movement is inside

Ed Note: Turtle Heart is an poet/artist/sculptor/computer Ojibway man who now lives on Pantelleria, an island off the coast of Italy. We have known him for many years and consider him a dear friend. To know more about him one can go to his website - Sacred Pipe - A World Journey.

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