If You Want to Stop the War - You Have to IMPEACH!
By Solon
Jan 10, 2007, 2:53pm

This administration really doesn't get it. The recent election was not primarily about corruption in government, as the spin masters are saying - it was a mandate to stop the war. It was a vote for change of direction in foreign as well as domestic policy. And the public doesn't want to wait two more years or more for this situation to change. That's why the only alternative is impeachment of Bush/Cheney.

It doesn't matter that the Senate may not have the votes at this time - it is more important to bring charges before the American people and let them decide. Let them tell their elected representatives what they want and choose their course of history.

Many authors have made the case for impeachment and it is strong, a lot stronger than Clinton lying about his sex life. There is abundant evidence that Bush/Cheney has abrogated the Constitution. There is abundant evidence that the American people have been lied to repeatedly about the war in Iraq. It is now common knowledge that this administration started out with an agenda to replace Saddam Hussein. And it is clear that energy/oil interests control the thinking of the executive branch. Follow the money - the gains are in oil companies, Wall Street, and defense contractors. This war is about oil and making corporations wealthy. The death and destruction is merely collateral damage!

The recent talk about Jerry Ford's pardon of Richard Nixon has brought the issue to the forefront and gives an opportunity to "right history". Unless presidents are held accountable for their actions - they will continue to act irresponsibly. Nixon begat Reagan and Iran-Contra which begat Bush I and II and Iraq I and II. It's not enough to just move on - the war in Viet Nam led to countless other wars and this one will, too, unless it's stopped.

Unfortunately the other alternatives to impeachment look rather weak.
Congress is discussing - ways to limit the spending for the war, re-look at the initial vote to authorize the war and to put restrictions on any increase in troops being tied to actions of the civilian government. But these are all defensive positions that admit the right of BushCo to make war without any real restraint. They won't work by themselves.

The new democratic congress has chosen civility rather than action to achieve its goals. But the Bush administration has shown repeatedly that it does not listen to other opinions. It will not co-operate on major issues and it does not give a damn that the country voted for change as it did in 2006. (Actually - the country certainly did not choose Bush in 2000 and it is questionable in 2004, so voting power does not seem to faze these guys.) The current Democratic strategy can be described as putting "political pressure" which stands no chance of working now without some additional bite.

Let's face it - the only reason the last election wasn't more of a landslide was that people didn't trust the Democrats, either!

What happens when Bush effectively says - I'm sending more troops - try and stop me! I'm the commander-in-chief!

Then what - more debate, hearings, votes, re-action ?

Well, how about firing the guy - walking him & Cheney to the gate before they can do any more damage?

This country does have a precedent with Nixon, though he resigned before impeachment. We survived Jerry Ford and we can live with Nancy Pelosi.

Power, real power must return to the people and their representatives in Congress to carry out the will of the nation. And these representatives must be held accountable to achieve the ends they were put there to accomplish - Peace and a just society.

There are many important issues before our nation right now like ethics in government, health care, the minimum wage, rights of immigrants, etc. But the war in Iraq frames all in such a way as to affect the outcome of everything else. For real change to happen the root cause of the biggest problem must be addressed, first. And if these representatives can accomplish more at the same time then so much the better but the priority must be clear. There must be a change of direction toward a peaceful and progressive society, more like the ideals in our sacred papers like the Bill of Rights and the Constitution, as well as the Declaration of Independence. These ideals worked for over two hundred years - they have staying power.

No longer can the US act as the only super power disregarding other governments and other societies just to foster our own self interest. We must rejoin the international community and work together to responsibly share the resources of this world and look to the universe and the heavens for our future.

The question is what to do or where to start?

The answer is Impeachment!

Let the fight begin!


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