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Addressing a Global Failure of Imagination
By Martin LeFevre
Sep 17, 2018, 5:54pm

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Few would argue that there is a political 'failure of imagination' in the Western world. Without putting imagination first (contemplative insight is primary), imagination, whether in art or politics, obviously has its place.

The deeper question is, can contemplative insight infuse political vision, strategy and policy, or are the two dimensions destined to remain in different universes forever? If so, we're cooked.

When city-states were the cornerstone of the political order, most people couldn't imagine the creation of nation-states. Now that the nation-state is defunct as basic building block of the collapsing international order, most people can't imagine a global polity.

A friend writes, "Would members of an authentically global body have expertise in various fields necessary to advise the UN regarding policy and direction on a whole range of urgent questions, or would they be contemplatives first and foremost, or some combination of the two?"

The Western mindset is that the response to a problem, challenge or crisis demands "expertise in various fields." However an independent, non-power-holding global body will not be comprised of experts, since giving primacy to experts is one of the biggest causes of human fragmentation.

Sarah added, "I don't think I'm particularly attached to the nation state, but my understanding is that the UN General Assembly is comprised of national representatives. If the nation state dies, then so will the UN General Assembly in its current form."

That's true. But the nation-state is dead and the old order is dead. At best, the UN General Assembly is dying,

We have to deal with what is, not imagine that the old foundation and forms still have life in them and can be reformed without radical change at all levels. When something dies, the truth has to be deeply acknowledged in order to create something new.

Can and should the UN be salvaged in some form? Perhaps, though our intent is not to save the United Nations, but to create effective, non-centralized global governance in our rudderless global society.

The United States can no longer provide even the minimal level of leadership it once did, and will not be able to do so even if Trump is impeached. China and Russia cannot step into the vacuum because they have also become completely corrupted. So what can?

Certainly not the milquetoast idea that "a new form could and hopefully would emerge and I guess that's what we're imagining," as my Aussie friend put it.

A true global response and new order, without central authority and bureaucracy, has to emerge, even though few feel the urgency of it, perhaps because they cannot imagine it. That requires a breakthrough in consciousness and a political manifestation at the same time.

It's essential to hold the core question: Can the revolution in consciousness essential to change the disastrous course of humankind ignite? There is no answer to this question obviously, but asking and holding within oneself it is vital for the future of humanity.

Fair, just and creative ecological and ethical solutions will manifest at the political level from a global psycho-spiritual revolution, or nothing will basically change.

The contemplative dimension is for everyone, not just the few. Therefore we cannot make a category of contemplatives. Meditation or contemplation is simply of the essence, the source of insight for an inner life as well as outer relationship and action in the world, without division and duality.

Therefore the contemplative dimension, without reference to organized religions, will be primary with the Global Consultum (by whatever name), not that 'contemplatives will comprise the GC.'

In this way, we inclusively encourage all people to have a strong inner life and realize their spiritual potential, and at the same time tangibly manifest insight and order in our chaotic global society.

As things are, knuckle-walkers like John Bolton are fighting straw men like the International Criminal Court, out of a desperate fear that American sovereignty and supremacy are eroding.

As the Washington Post reported, "last week Bolton devoted his first public speech since moving into the White House to threatening sanctions and even criminal prosecution of any ICC prosecutor or judge who pursued any alleged wrongdoing by any American." That proves Trump isn't the only madman in the White House.

As Einstein said, "We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."

Our primary political intent is not to "advise the UN regarding policy and direction on a whole range of urgent questions," as my friend put it, since that still implies giving the UN and nation-states primacy.

Our primary intent is to form a body of ordinary/extraordinary world citizens (not experts, not politicians, not CEO's or celebrities) to declare and embody the sovereignty of humanity.

The utter vacuum of leadership in the global society makes the urgent necessity for whole human beings to step into the vacuum self-evident. People like Trump and Morrison (the new, moronic Australian Prime Minister) are agents of destruction of the old order. Does it have to end, as so-called world orders almost always have, in war?

The philosophical and physical foundation for a true global order is being poured now.


Martin LeFevre is a contemplative, and non-academic religious and political philosopher. He welcomes dialogue.

Published with permission of the author. All copyright remains with the author.

© Fair Use. No Copyright intended by Fountain of Light

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