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No More Mr. Nice Guy
By Paul Schwiesow
Mar 27, 2004, 10:32am

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I wonder if anyone with an iota of intelligence has stopped lately to ask a question. I would like to know -- why was it, again, that we recently pilloried and nearly crucified a guy who was doing rather an exceptionally good job in the office of President? Ah --because he was involved in an adulterous affair to which both parties readily consented -- that's why. Oh, and he lied about that, under oath. Hmm.

Then why is it that now, we are collectively lauding and commending a man with moral flaws of a very different nature, and on an entirely different order of magnitude -- one who in fact, taking turns with his leering cronies, is flagrantly raping our entire country? It is a simple fact that you and I are being raped by the marauding criminals posing as the current Administration, and it can only be wishful thinking and self-delusion to think otherwise.

Do stop to think --any U.S. citizen who is not in the top 5% of the income bracket in this country is being plundered of opportunities to make a living, and is being bilked out of any financial security for the future. Furthermore, those who have the extreme misfortune to serve in the armed forces are being used as cannon fodder to fight a dirty war that actually worsens the security of Americans. This war does not pose any serious threat to the efficacy of terrorist operations, but it almost certainly will benefit those corporations and individuals who have a vested interest in seeing a hostile dictator deposed in a country of strategic economic importance. Meanwhile we watch, with a chilling sense of déjà vu, as these disgusting, bloated pigs give themselves tax cuts, ship jobs overseas, mortgage the national budget, support and pardon proven corporate criminals, beggar the economy, and strip the government even of the ability to care for those it has disenfranchised.

We are, most of us, not waiting in bread lines yet; we certainly will be soon with these bastards running the show. That, or more likely, we’ll simply be starving and dying. Believe me, Mr. Karl Rove, and the maniacally leering Dick Cheney, are shedding no tears that you can’t pay for health insurance for your dying mother, who could be cured easily enough with proper care. Don’t listen to what they SAY: just turn off the sound when one of these wheedling hyenas starts spinning sugary lies. Instead, watch what they DO. Their actions spell it out as clear as day: “Caring for the citizens of this country is not our responsibility. You brought this situation upon yourself. We will not help you. Let her die.” And also: “Educate your own kids, in private schools, while you’re at it. Can’t afford it? Not my problem. I can. I’ve got mine, see? I got it by rigging the system such that I can cook the books at my corporation, drive stock values through the roof, and cash out before the crash. What do you mean, I’m a dirty rat bastard, and a criminal to boot? I worship in the church of ‘if it benefits me and mine, it’s fine by me.’ What wailing and gnashing of teeth do you hear from the jobless and homeless peasantry? I hear nothing but the sweet thump of the sacks full of money dropping into my vault.”

It seems quite strange to me that here we are, not caring -- marching happily over the edge of the cliff -- watching passively as our futures, and those of our children and grandchildren, go up in flames. It's like the timber of our houses, our own furniture, is being burned to warm the stewpots of an invading, occupying army -- but that army’s soldiers and officers are somehow brainwashing us into thinking they are on our side. How can you believe someone who assures you that "we are all in this thing together," as you stand in rags, looking at the glowing embers of what was your home, and this grinning, slavering, filthy, stinking ape, incongruously wearing a coat covered with self-awarded medals and epaulettes, drives away in your car? What happens when you look around, notice an absence, and realize that the stew this animal was distending his belly with consisted primarily of your good friend Ed? Your father? Your son or daughter?

Just a simple question. Now an observation: Clinton while in office was a man of dubious sexual mores, but his sexual conduct hurt no one but his wife, his mistress(es), and himself. It's a story as old as time, and only in our rather deranged, quixotically promiscuous/Puritan society would it even merit passing attention. A man's sexual conduct, when performed with a consensual partner, has nothing whatsoever to do with a man's ability to run a country, nor with his honesty in business dealings. It has no influence on his ability to make informed and moral decisions that benefit the largest number of the people whom he leads, and it does not in any way affect his trustworthiness and moral character in conducting foreign affairs.

I will now repeat myself, because we the people should never, ever let the kind of shameful debacle that we condoned during the previous administration happen again. So I say again: one's sexual conduct is simply unrelated to one's ability to perform well in office or to act with moral integrity on the public stage. Anyone who does not share some Americans’ "special," New-World breed of quasi-religious, self-righteous, hypocritical sexual hysteria considers this truth so obvious that it is very nearly self-evident.

To test this truth, simply apply it to your own situation, if you will. I would posit that nearly every one of us has some incident in our sexual histories we are none too proud of -- a breach of fidelity, for instance, or taking advantage of someone -- breaking someone's heart. Does it mean we should be removed from our jobs and put on trial, perhaps sent to prison, for dishonesty or lack of reliability -- for an unforgivable breach of ethics? I can't imagine any takers, and I'm certainly not going to turn myself in. Moreover, anyone of any tact and taste prefers to keep these issues private, and expects others to have the common decency as well to keep one’s personal matters out of the public eye. It is part of the very definition of the sanctity of marriage: matters of the heart -- and of the libido and the sexual organs, too – are and forever should be the participants’ business, and no one else’s, ever.

For further proof that Clinton's sexual exploits had no effect on his integrity as President, simply look at his record over two terms. Clinton reversed a dangerously spiraling national deficit that had been building for much of the preceding century. He brought some degree of peace and security to countries where mass genocide was causing the world to question its own humanity. He attempted to strengthen, and did do some strengthening, of worthy, deeply respected social institutions of the welfare state, even in the teeth of violent opposition from those selfsame brigands who would dismantle and plunder those institutions to line their pockets.

So now -- the band of robbers who have essentially lied, bribed, and cheated their way into power are, I'm sure, very happy to have us believe that, although they are stealing bread from our children's mouths to feed their bottomless, rapacious greed, they at least don't cheat on their wives (or husbands). That sure ought to make me feel better (although there's no reason to assume, barring the lack of evidence so far, that this isn't a lie as well). Odd: I find I simply don't care, one way or the other. Knowing that a Mobster's marital fidelity is pure as the driven snow does not comfort me; neither does it do any good in preventing the guy from sticking his stiletto into me and ripping my guts out.

Since I consider the current Administration and the Mafia roughly equal in ruthlessness and culpability, let me just say this:

I have always despised the Mob. They are lying, thieving, murderous thugs. There is nothing at all glamorous or touching about people whose conduct and morals render them sub-human. Were it not sinking to their own level, I would counsel that all known members of the Mafia should, to the last man or woman, be rounded up and gassed.

Likewise these filthy, self-serving apes who are destroying everything that I hold dear. These “people” are pure evil: there is in them not a particle of compassion, decency, fair play, or any other trait that lets some of us hold up our heads as human beings. I say here and now, there is not a particle of humanity in any one of these marauder's bones. They are of less value and utility than horse manure -- horse manure can at least be used as fertilizer, while these vermin can't. At least as long as they're still running around and fouling the air by drawing breath, that is.

That, dear friends, is the state of our sorry land today, and it’s high time we pulled our heads out of the sand and really took a look at our own deteriorating situation and that of our suffering brothers and sisters. Who is it again that deserves to be impeached, tarred and feathered, viciously horsewhipped, and run out of town on a rail? Better yet, locked into a richly-deserved and stone-cold prison cell, with the key thrown away? Your call.

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