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Advice For Troubling Times
By Solon
Jan 20, 2017, 12:42pm

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Pursue A Positive Vision

Stay Calm
Anger and emotion can make you vulnerable. Road rage is just one example. The unthinkable may happen, but false flags happen too.

Center Yourself - Meditate
(Meditations by Martin LeFevre is a good place to start.)

Really Listen
Great truth can come from people who you don't agree with and can't stand.

Hear the Background
Sirens, unusual sounds like firecrackers, loud angry talk are indicators.

Stereotype At Your Own Risk
Police and military are people just like you, unless they're not.

Stay Informed
Do not believe what you read! Critical thinking is a must!

Be Aware of your Surroundings
Public places can change quickly into unsafe venues. Always look for alternative exits for safe passage.

Be Respectful of Everyone

Be Vibrational
If something doesn't feel right - it probably isn't.
Your heart knows more than your head.

Be Intuitive
Follow the voice inside.

Be Generous
Not because it comes back 10 fold, but because it's the right thing to do.

Be In The Moment
Too much thinking or worrying can sap action. This moment is the only moment.

Develop Good Timing
Go where you are supposed to go - when you are supposed to go.

Look Down The Road
As in driving or walking - pay attention to what is coming - so you can be ready.

Question Authority
Believe In yourself. You are the final authority!

Do what you can... when you can.

It's a long haul. Pace yourself.

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