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We're All In Prison
By Dave Ratcliffe
Oct 7, 2003, 4:40pm

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And Most Of Us Don't Know The Door Is Unlocked

There are many illusions we began learning as children that
condition our perceptions to collude in our own social
imprisonment. The door out of this prison is wide open and most of us do not see it. Closely examining the ways of our world and how it works will open the door to our living more fully and creatively in the life of our time.

Such examination is enhanced by the comprehension of how the
nation state called America got into its current mess. It is not a recent development. The governing system put in place by the Founders' Constitution empowered a minority to control the law and to direct the armed might of the nation. To explore the dimensions of this fact necessarily involves shedding wistful notions about how our society operates, who benefits, and who is shut out. The Revolutionary Era's slave-owner class wrote the Constitution. Beginning in the 19th century, the corporate class adopted it. Acknowledging this allows one to start looking at our world from
other perspectives and vantage points....

We have available to us the facts and understanding of our
nation's past to determine what the essential elements of
"unfinished business" are that remain to be addressed. To reclaim the unfulfilled promises of the American Revolution, including the professed right to self-governance, will require addressing the unfinished business of usurpations enacted through the U.S. Constitution. To reiterate, prior to World War I, most people understood usurpations to mean the illegitimate seizure of public governing authority by private forces.

Best wishes to all while falling into fall,

Organization: rat haus reality press

There is a higher authority and we are subject to its laws. There are no appeals courts for these laws. There is only the law and we will suffer in direct proportion to our transgressions against it. Good people, we now talk about the ultimate authority, that law that governs all life on this planet. . . .
A thousand years ago or more we the Haudenosaunee, the Iroquois, were given the rules and processes of democracy. The principles of this democracy are: Peace in mind and community, Equity, which is justice for the people, and the power of the good minds, which embodies good health and reason. This democracy established power in the people who joined of their own free will. It established the process of informed consent. It balanced the duties of governance between men and women. It gave women the duty of choosing leadership, that was then ratified by consensus of the people. It also gave women the power of recall. It provided the principle of representation of people in government, as well as accountability by leadership.
It established respect as a law. It established access to all leaders and an open forum on all issues, and it did not discriminate on the basis of gender or age. It promoted freedom as a responsibility and above all it was based upon the spiritual laws of nature.
This was a seamless government that inspired Benjamin Franklin to say "...this is a government that seems indissoluble." It inspired the roots of western democracy that we know today. All this from indigenous peoples.
This Democracy is all inclusive. Democracy is direct access to leadership. Democracy is equal protection under law. True democracy does not abide privilege, nor centralized control of power. Leadership is privileged only to serve. And the leaders needs come last after the people.

--Oren Lyons `World Bank, October 3, 1995, Ethics and Spiritual Values and the Promotion of Environmentally Sustainable Development, "50 Years of the World Bank, Over 50 Tribes Devastated"'

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