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November 22, 1963 - Another Day That Will Live in Infamy
By Solon
Nov 22, 2019, 3:40pm

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It has been fifty six years and still no closure. We have lived whole lifetimes without knowing who was involved and why the killing of John Kennedy was perpetrated. Is it possible for an honest person to come forward now who knows the story and reveal what has long been hidden? Or have all the ones possible been eliminated and only the conspirators remain. Perhaps now more than ever - truth is needed!

Very few with the exception of those supporting the mass media (snooze) believe the Warren Report, perhaps the biggest obstacle to finding out what truly happened. It was most certainly a whitewash. Lee Harvey Oswald was involved in something but as the "lone assassin", absurd. It defies belief and common sense. This man in his own words was - "a patsy". He was set up to take the fall. Looked at simply - he was not that good a shot, the scope was misaligned and there was an addition detail of a tree in the way (that was later cut down).

Too many details don't fit. Not to mention the crowd running up the "grassy knoll" toward the second gunman. Or was there a third gunman as one ballistics expert described as being in the storm drain at street level? How many shots - 3 from the Warren Commission or 4 as sound engineers detected years later on a police recording. Or more shots synchronized together. Two assassins or three or more.

The whole story of Lee Harvey Oswald doesn't make sense. How could a former marine with a security clearance renounce his American citizenship, go to Russia, then after a few years come back to the US and resume a normal life? This was at the peak of the "cold war" where Russian spies were being investigated everywhere and his wife was the daughter of a high ranking Russian Intelligence Agent. Why was he given "a free pass"? It only makes sense if he was an asset of some agency like the CIA, or thought he was.

The official story is bogus!

But the more relevant question is why was JFK killed? And there are plenty of opinions as to that but here is an additional one from that period of time - presidential succession. A short time before November 22, 1963, The Washington Post ran a long article on the Kennedy Dynasty where the writer speculated about Jack being succeeded by Bobby and then by Ted Kennedy for a total of 24 years. (After that their children would be old enough.) Although that was just a simple projection, there was a definite possibility being expressed. And given the Kennedy charisma and popularity, one could see quite a bit more probability. That had to be considered, in retrospect - the last nail in the coffin.

Oh, of course, there are many other reasons and the list goes on and on. Hundreds of books have been written noting factors such as - ending the war in Viet Nam (before it began), Federal Reserve Reform, disbanding the CIA, support of Palestine over the Israel, limiting the oil depletion allowance, standing up to big business, cracking down on the Mafia, re-approachment with Castro, ending the cold war, getting rid of nuclear weapons, support for Civil Rights - big issues that would certainly change the complexion of the society. Could Kennedy have done this over one or two terms - probably not - but it could have happened over 12 years or more, if that dynasty had happened. Remember that family had a certain powerful dynamic with a very wide support structure of truly dedicated people. Bobby was next in line and as 1968 showed, he did run for President with also devastating consequences. (Many in his campaign thought that Bobby if elected would pursue getting to the bottom of what happened to his brother.) And to not look at both brothers being killed in similar ways is to miss the deeper story and meaning. "Conspiracy" has taken on a negative connotation in this society but it need not be so. Two men, one the president and the other his brother, shot in similar ways has got to be considered more than a coincidence.

To understand the assassination story one has to ask the question - a variation of "follow the money" - who and what had to gain from the change in government. And remembering the times the list of suspects looms large. LBJ had to be at the top of the list with a close second - Tricky Dick Nixon, while lurking in the background the Bush family. (Oddly all these key players were in Texas on November 22, 1963.) And of course The Republican Party, which as history has shown took control of the White House through Nikon/Ford, a slight interruption with Carter and then Reagan, Bush. The score Republicans - 20 years to 4 years Democrats. And the dynasty that developed later was not Kennedy - but Bush.

But if the Republican Party was the main beneficiary of the "coup d'etat" then what was the base, that was served by this? The list implicates the usual suspects - the military industrial complex, big business, banking and Wall Street, the oil and energy interests especially in Texas, the so called 1% of the society that controls all the wealth. These are the ones that still support the Republican Party.

Looking back over 50 years this society is radically changed and not for the better. Yes there was a minority president but minorities are treated worse than before especially in terms of incarceration and economics. On almost any scale things are far worse today especially than 30 years ago, when the long night of Republican oppression under Ronald Reagan accelerated. And one can conjecture that it is unlikely that Reagan would have been elected president if Jack and Robert Kennedy had lived.

But the most important question is what can be done now?
For starters - release all the government information on this and the other killings including Martin Luther King and RFK. All three killing are tainted and most likely related.
Then form a new investigation without political interference and with the power to subpoena hidden CIA, etc files. (Sometimes it is best to go back to the divergence from truth and start over!)
Nominate a mix of people, mostly retired and above politics to serve, including investigators, judges, engineers, doctors, media experts etc. Include all important disciplines.
Review all the data submitted so far and use current technology and science to determine facts. Use large rewards for people to come forward with information.
Fund the activity so that it can do a 21st century job. No politics. No stone unturned. No stopping until the end.

It must be painfully obvious that this society has taken some very wrong turns. (Trump !!!) And one can go back to November 22, 1963 and see that after that day - things were never the same again. And the wrong turns kept coming and coming. But you can't turn back history,there is no rewind key, however, there is a way to right wrongs and correct things so the future can change. And that imperative should be considered.

We can morn the fallen president but only the truth can set us free.

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