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Equinox 22 September 2013 || 9:44 pm CET
By Turtle Heart
Sep 22, 2013, 12:01pm

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Equinox Twenty Thirteen

Dear Friends

blessings from Pantelleria Sacred Pipe
9:44 pm CET
we have another equinox. I wrote something
here is the link:

today I tell you the truth I feel in my heart
my four times a year poetry to my dear friends
I admire each of you very much
and this is why I send the poems each solstice and equinox

I cannot just think about myself but must think about each of you
about the world we live in...

equinox 22 september 2013 || 9:44 pm CET

6 billion human beings live all alone
inside a world with no prince
drifting in a sacred mother ship with no captain
dreamless throughout the night
our churches filled with rage and indifference
our governments stuffing the cash in their pockets
while children without food or hope
cry themselves to sleep
where our elders stand with their hands in their empty pockets
inside a dirty sky, filled with smoke and oil
standing at the shores of the great sea
stinking and burning from the black money
of the paymaster
as birds fall from the sky
and dead sea animals float to the shore
twenty thirteen
another gateway in the mystery life of time
the sacred doors broken
closed and deserted
the silence screams
the hard works pays nothing
and the food we eat is trucked in
from big steel buildings
the seeds owned by lawyers and empty men
dressed in gold and resting on silver
no one looks back to remember who we were or where we were going
the sun never sets and the moon never rises
the shadows grow longer, and longer still
and no one wants to look in there
so the shadows grow and grow

i was there looking into the darkness
I was there remembering where I was going
I remembered where I had been
my heart was holding a song, so i sang it
my dreams were carrying me, like a great wind
my hands were open and the earth was holding me
and in the darkness I wept
i have come so far
but nothing has changed
and it is easier and safer to stand still
and not risk moving forward
in case the police decide to shoot me dead

yes my friend
when I look in the eight directions
with my eyes open
my heart beating
my feet on the earth
I pretend to believe we are all good people
we are all doing what we need to do
we have peace in our heart
we are not against the others who are not like us
we hold our families close
yet my eyes cannot close
I cannot stop seeing the shadows growing
I cannot hear
the prayers of god

Turtle Heart, Pantelleria

Ed Note: Turtle Heart is an poet/artist/sculptor/computer Ojibway man who now lives on Pantelleria, an island off the coast of Italy. We have known him for many years and consider him a dear friend. To know more about him one can go to his website - Sacred Pipe - A World Journey.

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