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Champions of 'Idle No More' Stage Blockades Across Canada
By Lauren McCauley
Jan 16, 2013, 2:38pm

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From Common Dreams

Demonstrators and spin-off protests undeterred by mild divisions within fast-growing movement

Though not officially sanctioned by the Idle No More campaign, First Nations chiefs and activists have picked up the momentum and are rallying across Canada Wednesday as part of a national day of action in solidarity with the ongoing environmental and indigenous rights campaign.

A protestor holds a flag aloft and an Idle No More spinoff protest in Cayuga, Ontario on Jan. 16. (Photo via @CBCHamilton) Chiefs unsatisfied with Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s slow response to First Nations demands have declared the day to assert their rights and hopefully hasten official recognition and legislative action.

Demonstrations, round dances and rallies occurred across Canada while roadblocks of local railway lines and a large demonstration at North America's busiest border crossing have also been confirmed.

"We're sending the message very clearly with the railway blockade that [there's] going to be no more stolen property being sold until such time that they come to the table and deal with the original owners," said Terry Nelson, a former chief of the Roseau River First Nation in southern Manitoba.

APTN National News reported Wednesday: "Rail blockaders in Manitoba. CN confirms regional traffic has been shut down."

Ed Note: For the most up to date information go to Brenda Norrell's Blog - Censored News. Current story there is - Rail Blockades underway across Canada Jan. 16, 2013

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