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Equinox 2012, September Pantelleria island
By Turtle Heart
Sep 22, 2012, 10:08am

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another ceremony of the sacred fire at the center of the universe today...

Today as the Sacred Door opened
I was breathing, I was singing softly
I said my name in four directions
And released my prayers to a sacred fire Burning upon the earth
Where I was standing

A moment to find myself, remember myself
Lift myself up, stand straight
And feel my feet upon the sacred earth
Yes, a moment my friend, a moment sweet and fleeting

Seven times I heard my heart
Beating, life flowing, my dream clearly in motion
My dream, my name, my song
Yes, my friend, I made myself again in that moment
I was the one making myself, it was my hand that was open My heart that was beating, my body that was standing still As the earth moved again
In its long Dream with the Sun

Equinox 2012, September Pantelleria island

Ed Note: Turtle Heart is an poet/artist/sculpter/computer Ojibway man who now lives on Pantelleria, an island off the coast of Italy. We have known him for many years and consider him a dear friend. To know more about him one can go to his website - Sacred Pipe - A World Journey.

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