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The Assassinations of John Kennedy & Martin Luther King - A Link
By Solon
Nov 22, 2009, 2:33pm

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Reprinted from 2003

The American society can be divided into two groups - those who believe that Lee Harvey Oswald acting alone killed JFK and James Earl Ray also acting alone killed Martin Luther King, and the second group that believes that a much larger conspiracy was involved in both killings.
(And it can be added that the murder of Robert Kennedy is very suspect, as well.)

But the murders of JFK and MLK are almost a litmus test of whether a person trusts the government or not. And it should come as no surprise that a very large number of citizens are dubious of the motives and actions of elected officials at the highest level.
And with good reason!
LBJ was most likely a murderer. Nixon was a liar and a crook and forced to resign. Ronald Reagan could have been tried and impeached for Iran Contra. George Bush, the senior, acted as a go between with Iran to prevent the hostages from being released until after the inauguration as a part of the same Iran Contra. Bill Clinton was a philanderer and a liar about it. And in current times, the motives of George Bush, the junior, and Dick Cheney must be scrutinized in the context of Enron, oil industry profits and military contracts for friends and supporters.

But what about the major political crimes of the twentieth century, the murders of JFK and MLK or as some have called them the Hoaxes?

And what if the two crimes are linked and what if some of the major players are still active in American politics?
What then?

Well, William F. Pepper in his new book-"An Act of State: The Execution of Martin Luther King" has stirred things up with some interesting revelations about the connection between both events. So here are some excerpts from the book to consider.

It helps to know that James Earl Ray always insisted that he took direction from a person named "Raoul" who the authorities said never existed. Mr. Pepper describes in the book how he determined the identity of "Raul" and through a photo "lineup" verified his identity with Ray and others.

From An Act of State: The Execution of Martin Luther King by William F. Pepper

Don Wilson's Materials

Don Wilson a former FBI agent who joined the Bureau as a young man with a desire to facilitate the civil rights of minority Americans. He became greatly disillusioned , but he had a young family to support and decided to stick it out, eventually retiring after having received a number of commendations from J. Edgar Hoover himself.

In early 1997, Don Wilson contacted the King family and me providing us with some extraordinary information...
He recounted two incidents.
He said that shortly after the assassination, he and another agent were riding in the Peachtree area of Atlanta, and they spotted a person who, they were certain was the man wanted for the murder of Dr. King. The person matched the photograph being circulated of the suspect. Wilson said he and his partner were included to apprehend the person they had spotted and radioed the field office for permission to do so. the operator told then to hold on, went off line for instructions, and then came back on , and instructed them to "return to base". Surprised and disappointed they did as they were told. To this day, Don Wilson finds it strange and unacceptable that they were not allowed to detain the suspect and yet were not given any explanation.

What he told me next was more significant. When the field office received a request from the Atlanta police to check out a white Mustang, which had been parked for some days at the Capitol Homes Housing Project, he went along with a senior colleague to the scene. The suspicion was that the car, with Alabama license plates, had been involved in the King assassination.. Wilson said that when he opened the car door on the passenger's side, some papers fell out. Instinctively, he said, he put his foot on the papers, bent over, picked them up, and put them in his pocket. The young agent was nervous, thinking that he might have disturbed evidence at a crime scene. Later, when he had an opportunity to examine the individual sheets of paper, he was shocked and realized that if he turned them over to his superiors, they would never see the light of day.
He kept them hidden for 29 years.

One piece came from a 1963 Dallas, Texas telephone directory. It was part of a page, which had been torn out. The telephone numbers on the page included those of the family of H.L. Hunt, but more significantly in handwriting at the top of the page, was the name "Raul" the letter "J" and a Dallas telephone number, which turned out to be the phone number of the Vegas Club, which at that time was run by Jack Ruby, the killer of Lee Harvey Oswald.

The second piece of paper contained several names, alongside each of which were sums of money. It appeared to be some sort of payoff list and at the bottom, it also contained Raul's name and a date for payment. Wilson also said that he had recovered a third piece of paper, on which was written the telephone number and an extension of the Atlanta FBI field office.
The Wilson materials raised the serious issue of the potential collusion of the Atlanta field office, or at least the connection of one or more persons in that office with someone who had access to James's (Earl Ray) white Mustang. From all that, we knew the most likely candidate for the FBI liaison had to be Raul...

Don Wilson's material pointed me in a direction which I did not want to go , towards the link between the King and John Kennedy assassinations. Glenda Grabow had told me how in 1963 she had occasionally seen a man who she only knew as "Jack" with Raul...She only realized who he was when his photograph was flashed across the world after he had killed Lee Harvey Oswald...I decided to travel to Dallas in order to interview some former strippers who had worked for Ruby and were around him a good deal.

I met separately with Beverley Oliver, Chari Angel, and Madeleine Brown. Madeleine had not worked for Ruby but was Lyndon Johnson's mistress for years, and, in fact, had given birth to his only son; she also knew Ruby and frequented his main club -- the Carousel.
When I put the spread of photographs in front of each of them on separate occasions, each one independently confirmed that she had seen Ruby with the man we had identified as Raul. Infact, Beverly remembered Raul giving Ruby what appeared to be a large amount of cash in what she described as a "Piggley Wiggly" grocery store paper bag.

There was no doubt that each of these women corroborated Glenda Grabow's information that Jack Ruby and Raul knew each other.
Don Wilson's materials appeared to fortify the fact.

More About Madeleine Brown, LBJ and the JFK Assassination

Madleine Brown for example is very credible, and in some aspects or her recollections of her life and genuine love for Johnson were compelling. In fact, as I mentioned earlier, she gave birth to his only son. I obtained a copy of Johnson's commitment (through his local lawyer Jerome Ragsdale) to provide support for Steven which continued even after the president's death. That she was able to provide such detail about their relationship was impressive. Of particular note was her recollection of the events Thursday evening November 21 1963 - the night before the Kennedy assassination. She said she attended a social gathering at Clint Murchison's home. Ostensibly, it was an event to honor J Edgar Hoover, who was a close friend of Murchison, H.L. Hunt, and the other Texas oil giants. The guest list included John McCloy, Chairman of the Chase Manhattan Bank, Richard Nixon, George Brown of the Brown and Root constriction company, R.I. Thornton, president of the Mercantile Bank, and Dallas Mayor Earle Cabell, brother of General Charles Cabell, former Deputy Director of the CIA who was fired by President Kennedy after the Bay of Pigs.

Madeleine told me that near the end of the party, Johnson made an appearance and the group quickly went into Murchison's study behind closed doors. After a while, the meeting broke up. Johnson, anxious and red-faced, came up, embraced her, and with a quiet grating sound whispered a message she would never forget in her ear. "After tomorrow, those goddamn Kennedy's will never embarrass me again - that's no threat, that's a promise." She was stunned, but the next day she realized what he meant.

Note: Others have written about this party and included in the list of attendees were George Bush (the senior)and Henry Kissinger. Also mentioned as having dropped in to the party was Jack Ruby who delivered a prostitute and left.

For corroboration of the above mentioned meeting see here.
Note link removed!

And for an interesting analysis of "who" killed JFK go here.
Note link removed!

And for background of the time go here

And for background on LBJ go here and read Yellow Roses.

Obviously there are other connected points in both assassinations including the role of J'Edgar Hoover who hated both men, Carlos Marcello, New Orleans the mob boss and go-between who was involved in both events, and the role of the US military and intelligence communities. And hopefully some day a courageous author and researcher will reveal the true story of these heinous crimes.
But perhaps, for now, it is more important to realize that these "murders" both changed history and continue to affect current events and even help explain the state of affairs in the world, and most certainly the political situation in the US.

And if one really wants insight into the King Assassination then one should certainly read -
From An Act of State: The Execution of Martin Luther King by William F. Pepper

And finally one more gem from the book about Martin Luther King:

MLK...was moved, indeed inspired by Paul Tillich, whose seminal work "The Courage To Be" observed that human beings from birth onward have an existence and it is up to each person to struggle against the forces of determinism and try to create a life, an individual essence.

Individuals can only do this by making decisions, life choices, adopting, and living by values and ultimately by taking stands and making those commitments even unto death which often are painfully contrary to their environmental and genetic dictates.

Ed Note: There is no attempt here to infringe on the copyright of the author or any original material but merely to convey useful information. And hopefully readers will be inspired to read the book in its entirety.

© Fair Use. No Copyright intended by Fountain of Light

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