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Going Green
By Editors
Apr 22, 2011, 12:22am

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"Earth Day" is really a bit of a joke - on us, really. The earth is not part owner of this movement. The earth is not trying to save itself. It just is. Look around - the earth is doing its part. It's sending messages - almost everyday.
(How about this one - the same day as "Good Friday")

There seems to be a little tug of war with mankind.

Want to build nuclear power plants on fault lines? Fine. But be ready. It may take a while to get there but then Kboom.

Want to overbuild and overuse? Fine - just be ready for the consequences. Think it's warm now - wait a while until it really gets hot.

Want to pollute the atmosphere with toxic gases? Fine. A thousand years is nothing to the earth - just a flick of time.

Who is the culprit - not the earth, not the animals, not the plants?

Who is starting wars and spilling the blood of human beings?

Who is spreading the doctrine of "might makes right"?

Who is making economics or the almighty dollar the god to be worshiped before all other entities?

Yes, governments and corporations and man made structures and some religions, too. But all wars, corporations, religions - depend on human beings. This is the X-factor, the wild card - the unknown.

Want to change?

Want to really "Go Green"?

Consider well! This is a much bigger concept than generally thought. It really is a "cradle to grave" effort. It should involve every decision that one makes - not just buying, using and discarding "stuff" and not just about things.

It's about treating people correctly, being responsible and living in harmony with Mother Earth. The least part if it is about a fuel efficient car or florescent light bulbs.

It is about being conscious about how your decisions affect your family or your unit or your community.

It's about priorities, long term priorities. Like Peace in our time.

It's about responsibility and creativity, too. Like treating people with compassion. Do unto others...

It's a way to look into the future and see what's coming. Some will survive - but will it be your great- great - great grandchildren and their descendants? It can be!

It's not age related - it affects everyone. In fact - age does give you an advantage - you can have perspective.

The only certainty is that things will change - for the better or for the worst - and you can choose which one. Every day.

But choose you must!

The planet will survive but what is at stake is the future of mankind.

And that destiny is in your hands.

Not sure what to do - don't worry - just use your intuition - listen to the Mother - and get started.


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