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The Sleeping Giant
By Solon
Feb 19, 2003, 4:00pm

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"I think it's time we stop, children, what's that sound
Everybody look what's going down"

Buffalo Springfield--For What It's Worth

Was that what you heard last weekend - A Sleeping Giant?

By most estimates it was the largest demonstration since the end of WWII. The exact numbers don't really matter but all agree - there were lots and lots, millions. All kinds of people were there, certainly not the "usual suspects" from a typical demonstration. This one had more young people than expected, more humor and for the numbers remained rather peaceful. Yes, there were exceptions like in the US in New York and Colorado but these last two were mostly incited by the local police.

But what does it mean if the president can just dismiss it as irrelevant?
One could certainly suggest that he is irrelevant?
What the leader of the free world? (Or as the famous photo depicts-Empty Warhead In White House. See photo at bottom of page.)
Yup, the dude is irrelevant.

Let's remember that Bush was not elected by a majority of voters in the last presidential election. This is not a minor point, certainly to him or his cronies. The shrub is really only representing his constituency of conservative right wing, business dominated fat-cats and corporations.
Who really benefits from a war?
People die!
Corporations record profits!

So--Dubya could care less what ordinary people think or believe, especially when it's different than what his circle of crows think is best for them or their vision of the country. Nelson Mandela called them dinosaurs and that certainly describes their cold war type view!
(Try substituting the word "communist" for "terrorist" and see the similarity. They're everywhere, They're everywhere!)

But what about another vision for this country and for the world?
Do you remember the Land of the Free--Home of the Brave?

Land of the Free
Now you can certainly argue that that "free" part has been seriously compromised since September 11. Think Homeland (In)Security or Homeland Insincerity!
Get real- duct tape and plastic will not give you security? And spying on your neighbors won't either. This is just busy work!
But demonstrating will give you security, at least of knowing that you are doing something, like exercising your rights under the constitution. Yes, in this climate -- Use it or Loose it. After all real security comes from within, right? But as teachers will tell you-action solidifies the thought.
And how about exercising more freedom of speech, assembly and press. Part of the lesson of last weekend is numbers so if you can, try to mobilize people to participate in your actions.

Home of the Brave.
Yes, that is precisely what last weekends demonstrations showed, that this country can still be the home of the brave. Standing up for what you believe is a terrific first step. But, face it - it is only a beginning.
More needs to be done. And this isn't just about war and peace and not destroying Iraq. This is about how we as people are going to live in the world and create a place of justice and equality for all. That means the people who don't look like you or worship like you or agree with you or even want what you want. It just means everybody on the planet having a shot at life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

But continue being brave and try to inspire others to be brave, too. It can become a habit and it really is contagious.

What's in the way of this grand vision?
Not much really, just multi-national corporations, the military industrial complex, most political parties, television, print and media empires and a lot of brain-washed people.
But on the other side is numbers, billions and billions of people, way more than a majority. And deep in your heart you know it's right!
Plus just maybe God is on your side--but don't count on any divine intervention.

So what do you have to worry about.
Just figure how to wake the giant.
And then how to keep him focused!

Besides what better things have you got to do?


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