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Elemental Camping 2009: September 12 & 13
By Andrea
Sep 23, 2009, 4:09pm

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We went north this time close to Fort Collins, Colorado up Poudre Canyon Highway to Grandview campground, next to Long Draw Reservoir, about 10,000 feet. There were campsites but the people there were very much into being alone so we could mingle with nature and not worry about being too neighborly.

The lake was beautiful especially at dawn with columns of steam rising up creating an unearthly beauty, leading to a sunrise on the deep blue water, with shape shifting mists and shadows.

Tree root like creatures were scattered on the beach looking like alien sea crabs or octopus.

The campsite was right next to Rocky Mountain National Park and the trails were filled with beauty - fairy land waterfalls, tree and flower couplings, tree bolus, pine forests and three giant female elk, that were safe because no hunting allowed in the national parks.

We hiked a couple of trails along the creeks and into the forests, checking out mountain overlooks, little water house bridges and pretty little meadows.

The weather was very changeable, snowy, sunny, windy, and rainy with fast moving clouds and intense sunsets.

But the universe was kind to us and we felt refreshed by the earth's generosity and headed back to the city more humble and connected.

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