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They Lie - You Buy (it)
By Solon
Oct 4, 2008, 4:40pm

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The government says that they have to go into Iraq because of weapons of mass destruction AKA nuclear weapons. You don't know what to think. Saddam is a wacko so maybe it's true. Even Colin Powell thinks so. It doesn't matter that millions protest against going to war. It matters more that some catch phrase touches you - "better to fight them over there than over here' or something like that.
So you buy It!

Now this same government is saying that they need 700 billion to save the economy. the details are sketchy as to what that money buys. But it looks like it's going directly to Wall Street, probably some banks or investment companies. It does not look like it is going to be used locally though - unless you live in New York City. Yeah, you have some money in the bank, some investments, a retirement account, a couple of credit cards. But you're just not sure. Something doesn't seem right. So you write your Congressman and say something like -"Don't vote for this." And you get an email in return saying that he appreciates your input and he will get back to you. Then in the meanwhile he votes for the bailout. Shortly you get another email from this Congressman describing in very vague terms but plenty of words that it is in the best interests of everyone that he votes for the bailout.
So you buy it!

So what happens now?

Do you go back to what you were doing or maybe you start wondering what the heck is going on here. Does that guy know more than you because he is a Congressman? Do you have any effect on him at all. He didn't address any of your concerns expressed in the email. You got a form letter response.

Something here just doesn't seems right.
But what do you do about it?

Or maybe the question is what do you do about you?
You, after all, are the one going for it - buying into the line or lie of the day.
Remember that phrase from the sixties - "Question Authority".
This is a good time to question.
This is also a good time to consider on a deeper level the responsibility of a citizen in a democracy.

Think on that.

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