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Surround Barack Obama With Protective Energy
By Stephen Rose
Nov 4, 2008, 11:07am

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From The Smirking Chimp

To everyone concerned about the integrity of our nation, and especially supporters of Barack Obama, I suggest we make a point of regularly sending protective energy his way.

Before I became involved with politics and the political blogosphere, I spent a lot of time studying metaphysics and various religious belief systems in an attempt to learn more about who we are and the nature of our true potential. In the process I reaffirmed for myself what science metaphysics has long known, that everything is energy, essentially slowed down to create matter and the physical reality we identify with and take for granted. Thoughts are energy, and the circumstances we create in our lives reflect those thoughts most often dwelled upon.

This being said, why do we so often feel powerless to have any real affect in the larger world, and continually sense that we don't really count or make a difference? This feeling is especially acute in the arena of politics and government. During an election, and especially after one, our ability to influence change appears to rapidly diminish. Having minds that are often noisy and scattered, we habitually remain blithely unaware of just how very potent our thoughts really are, and unmindful of our power to influence events.

We all tend to define politicians as insincere and untrustworthy, but let's assume for a moment that Barack Obama's message of change and hope is real. Let's assume he means what he says about wanting to help the people of this nation to once again feel safe and comfortable in the American dream, and to facilitate all those who have never felt a part of it to begin with. Let's assume he indeed wants to see the special interest groups that have for so long dominated Washington DC mentality replaced by the needs of the citizens. Let's assume he wants every man, woman and child in America to have comprehensive healthcare coverage, and that he is sincere about every person who wants to work being able to do so. Let's assume he is serious about cleaning up the environment and beginning a process that will diminish the potential for global climate change. Let's assume he means to focus on making America independent of foreign oil, and that this nation seriously becomes committed to creating workable and affordable energy alternatives, and soon. And finally, let's assume Senator Obama is earnest about bringing our troops home from the debacle in Iraq, and that he is committed to ending all hostilities in the Middle East over the long term, instead of continuing to feed the Military Industrial Complex and those who believe war is an acceptable means of making money!

If these assumptions are true, Barack Obama will unquestionably gain the ire and enmity of many people who represent those special interests and basically, the Establishment. Many in these groups are people just like you and me who simply believe they are doing their jobs, and supporting themselves and their families. They are not trying to hurt others. There are, however, within this group, all too many who seem to care very little about the welfare of anyone but themselves. These are the same people who make a game out of making money. They see it as a competition of status among the very wealthy.

It's not enough for them to have more money than they and their families could possibly spend in ten lifetimes. They have come to believe that money is who they are. They identify with their money, become more secure the more they have, and unfortunately feel justified in screwing anyone and everyone so that they can have more. You all know who and what I'm referring to.

Unfortunately, we also have the bigots, those people who desperately need to justify being better than someone else, in order to feel secure and unthreatened. They come in all shapes and sizes, and will join any organization recognizing them as special because someone else is not. They are easily motivated to hatred because their fears and frustrations are easily translated into anger, and the need to find someone else to blame. The fact that Barack Obama is Black, or has a name they have been taught to fear, will be enough to make him an enemy, just as those who fear their wealth is threatened because he desires to see everyone financially secure.

These people will see Barack Obama as a threat, and they would be delighted if he would just go away. They will be fearful that somehow their lives will be diminished because he might honestly represent the kind of president the Founding Fathers had in mind, long before the nation transformed idealism into another form of "me first" tyranny. They won't understand that everyone in this nation will be better off when all are comfortable, secure and happy. They are in convenient denial of the truth that no one is completely secure and happy until all are. They prefer a world of duality and separatism to one of oneness and unity. They are glad to be poorer in spirit, while rationalizing that being "right," or very wealthy are the only things that truly matter. They have long forgotten that "Man does not live by bread alone."

If we accept that we just might now have a true candidate of change (all kinds), and realize how that person will antagonize and seriously threaten many who do not believe they can stand that change, let's help to protect that person. It's not a coincidence that people like John F Kennedy, Robert F Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, and more recently, Benizar Bhutto, were targeted by those afraid of what they represented, basically, positive change for "everyone." We've had too many great people taken away from us prematurely by those who were remarkably (un)great (the trigger men and those they represent). The world has been set back too many times, and the time is nigh for us all to echo the words of the rascally Howard Beale , "I'm as mad as hell and not going to take this anymore!"

I want to suggest that everyone supporting Barack Obama become aware of his need for protection, and remember when seeing or hearing him to "consciously" send some protective energy his way. Any method one wants to employ is fine. Some might utilize prayer, while others may imagine him surrounded in "white Light" or any kind of protective "shield" that works for them. What matters, is to remember often that there is a need, and to follow that remembrance with action, as thought and imagination.

If you are so motivated, send Barack Obama, his family, friends, and even Secret Service guardians, your positive thoughts and energy of protection whenever you think of it. Help create a wall around him that will not only protect him from negative thoughts aimed his way, but protect him physically as well. One's imagination can be their guide. Our thoughts and focus have real power, and thoughts of love and caring have more power than those of fear, anger and hatred. Imagine the power of millions of people all focused on keeping a few people protected. Imagine a shift away from the wrong people controlling our destinies because of their own pathological insecurities that have them convinced they need more wealth and power at the expense of others.

We can fight back. We can overcome those feelings of impotence that make us, as individuals, believe we have no effect in the world. We can help to be that needed change. We need only believe in who we are, and help facilitate those along the way who are honestly working for our betterment.

If Barack Obama is indeed a real candidate of positive change, we will not only be protecting him and his, but also ourselves, our families and friends, as well as our best hopes for a better future!

We have for too long allowed people to lead us who lack the compassion, the vision, and the courage to make the world a better place because they are incapable of changing, and unable to comprehend that things can, and do, change all the time. Things have always been what we make them, in spite of seeming to be beyond our control. A person truly believing the world or mankind will never change, or that things are what they are because they have always been that way, is cheating themselves out of the legacy of human potential.

We are capable of much more, and limited only by a mind that creates limits because of limited imagination, percipience, and faith in ourselves. John 14:12 states, "Truly, truly, I say to you, the one who believes in me the works I do shall he do also, and greater than these shall he ..." Many religions debate the actual meaning of these words because they will not concede that you or I have any such potential. From a metaphysical perspective, the meaning is quite clear. When connected to our "right" (Higher) mind, and not entrapped by the petty fears of ego (lower) mind, and guided by innate compassion, love, tolerance and understanding, we are quite capable of much more than we presently realize.


"He was born with a gift of laughter and a sense that the world was mad."

About author

Stephen Rose writes a political blog for the Paradise Post Newspaper in Northern California


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