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Bush Really thinks we are stupid!!
By Cyro Lord
Aug 31, 2007, 10:37am

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We should stay in Iraq because we left Vietnam to soon?

Give me a break! I remember the end of the cold war, do you?
Remember a place called Yugoslavia? And they had years to get over all the wars that happened before Tito. There will be civil war in Iraq just like Yugoslavia no matter how long
we stay. What really keeping us there is the oil paycheck for the Bush family that Jr. setup with the current holders of power in Iraq.

On another note about Iraq, every weapon that Sadam had we gave or allow to be given to him, including the WMD and chemical weapons. He was our buffer against the Iranians during that war and we gave him loads of support before and during that time.

More along the same lines, none of our papers in the area
got it right. Both the Denver Post and News supported Bush by saying it was like Vietnam. I guess they didn't read the paper while the thing was happening in Yugoslavia. They wonder why they are losing readers.... Enough said!!!

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