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Wake Up - It's 1967
By Solon
Apr 1, 2007, 4:56pm

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Man - you must have drifted off after that last doobie. What happened to you.

Shit - I had the worst dream - 40 years had passed and we were living in a police state.


Yeah it was really awful. There was no peace. There was just war. There were no hippies - just guys in suits telling us what to do.

Man take another hit an relax!

No man it was mind blowing. Everybody was old and uptight. We were old and uptight.

Naw - never going to happen. Not to me!

The planet was pollluted - not just like smog in LA but everything was polluted. The water - the air - the earth.

How could that be?

Don't know - must have been the people - must have been us.

Well - that's not anything I want anything to do with, shit.
But what war was going on - like still Viet Nam.

No there was another one in Iraq or Afghanistan or both.

Where is that?

Somewhere close to Saudi Arabia.

Like Lawrence of Arabia?

Yeah but with helicopters and guided missiles!

Who was the president?

Some guy named Bush or Bushwacker or something like that. He looked a lot like Alfred E. Neumann - remember the guy from Mad Magazine.

Well maybe that wouldn't be so bad having somebody from Mad Magazine as president - couldn't be any worse then LBJ.

Oh - he was worse - much worse - creepy and weirdly arrogant - acted like he didn't give a shit what anybody thought or wanted - like Hitler and Stalin rolled into one.

Oh man I need some stronger stuff - this shit is really disturbing my concentration.
Hey - Check out that chick with the sweetness and light.

And the women were strange too - really uptight and dressed funny like in the fifties. And they were wearing makeup and talking on weird little phones. The guys weren't any better. Everybody was uptight!

What about the music?

That was weird too - guys were yelling at you with music in the background.

Far out - yelling like Little Richard or Bo Didley?

Naw - more like when you're running down the street and some guy yells stop.

Say maybe we should fall by the park and get some digger stew?

And the food was poison there too.

Well some of that shit at Pepis' gives me some bad indigestion. But poison?

And they were arresting people for being poor.

Poor - how do they know they're poor ?

They arrest them at work doing shit jobs. Stuff nobody else will do.

Man - I don't know about that dream - seems more like a nightmare.

Yeah - it was a nightmare.

But this was just a dream right?

I thought so - but now I'm not sure.

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