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Lessons Learned - America 2006
By Editors
Dec 31, 2006, 3:15pm

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Sometime in the future historians will look back on these dark days as being pivotal. The ideals that founded this nation will either be re-affirmed and supported or like other empires this one will shrivel and die. The one immutable law of nature is "change". Unfortunately this country is right at the point where it will be necessary to make great leaps of consciousness to change. So here are some lessons to consider in choosing which way to go. And unfortunately a choice has to be made - for not making one is a choice also.

Might does not make right!

This system of government is not really that democratic

The rule of law is not even close to true unless you are wealthy and can afford it

A presidential election really should be decided by the votes of the people - not a partisan Supreme Court

The voting process as well as the three branches of government has been taken over by politicians who care little for the will of the people

The US is really the bad guy and has been for quite some time

The government has repeatedly supported dictators who destroyed human rights because that was in our perceived best interests

The government lies, distorts and attacks any perceived threat to its power including peaceful protest

The government considers servicemen cannon fodder and guinea pigs

The power in government is more corrupting than average human beings can stand

Capitalism is opposed to human rights

Wealth and power are gotten from crime and that applies just as well to politicians and corporations.

Our history is covered in blood through unnecessary wars and political killings

The media lies, controls and propagandizes wildly and effectively while doing the bidding of corporations and politicians

Politicians are not heroes - they may not even be good people

The two major political parties have too much power and that is detrimental to its citizens

The whole anti-communist crusade that still affects political thinking was a sham

Wars don't work

All the wars fought since WWII were lost

There is no such thing as a "just war".

All violence is dehumanizing

Killing in war destroys the spirit of the society doing the killing

The government policy on torture puts at risk our basic decency

The war on terrorism is just another fear directed exercise in mind control.

Terrorists have a grievance which is potentially valid

The oil supplies are running out and fighting a war to secure more disregards better alternatives

The real cost of gasoline is far greater than the price

The profit of corporations is more important than the well being of its citizens

The wealth of the corporations is based on taking advantage of its workers and the environment

Fear makes people irrational and easily controllable

This is a racist society and politicians know that and use it

The immigrant is one of the best parts of America - they put in more and are more idealistic

The so called religious right is not religious or right

Religions have allowed themselves to be used for non-spiritual purposes

The moderate point of view in politics is not moderate but conservative and will not solve the problems of this age.

There should be real accountability in government from top to bottom

The US by dropping the Atomic bombs on Japan opened up Pandoras box and can't get the geinie back in the bottle.

Nuclear weapons and survival of the human race are at odds

The planet is a living organism

The destruction of the environment is a crime against humanity

The real power in the society rests in the people

There is enough resources for the people on the planet but they need to be shared

Leadership and good ideas in a healthy society must flow up - not down

For nearly all problems - there is a technical answer

In solving problems the simple way is usually correct.

One person can change the world

You don't have to convince everybody that an idea is good -
just convince the key ones who will spread it

It's always better to get in the front of change rather than to come later

There are answers out there - we just need the commitment and energy to find and implement them

The cultural revolution started in the sixties showed that peace and love really are the way

The buck stops here - in every one of us.

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