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Pouring the Foundation Before the Collapse
By Martin LeFevre
Apr 27, 2022, 10:00am

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Many people feel that the old world order has to completely collapse before man will change course. While that may be so, few realize that the foundation for a true order has to be poured before the collapse occurs, or nothing will essentially change and things will be even worse in the aftermath.

The collapse of an old order doesn't have to be violent, but it is always deeply disruptive. The Berlin Wall fell and the Soviet Union collapsed, ending the bipolar world order without violence. But since no foundation was poured before USSR and US (the United States imploded at the same time Russia exploded), nothing essentially changed and the world now teeters on the edge of World War III.

Foreseeing the simultaneous collapse (Russia economically and politically, America spiritually and socially), I risked everything to pour the foundation for "cooperation between former superpower enemies," as my partners and I called it. But the attempt failed, and instead of the best with the best in Russia and America, we got the worst with the worst.

I didn't think I'd see the wheel turn again in my lifetime, and that another, even larger collapse of an old order would occur in my lifetime. Now it isn't just the post-World War II international order that's falling onto the rubbish heap of history, but the nation-state system itself, not to mention the Enlightenment idea of the progress and perfectibility of man.

The day after 9.11 was a clear and cloudless in northern California. I walked for a long time, asking, 'Where will this lead?' If you ask a true question and persist in asking it, the universe sometimes answers, though not in the way you expect.

I walked along a creek, over a footbridge and then for some distance before turning around and crossing back over the same pedestrian bridge near home. Like millions of other people, in America and beyond, I was still in a semi-state of shock the day after the attacks, and full of sadness at the loss of life and the evil that humans are capable of inflicting on each other.

Having asked the question, 'where will this lead' persistently and passionately for most of the walk, the beauty of the day brought stillness to the mind and peace to the heart, and I forgot the question. I no longer needed to know.

As I crossed the footbridge and the path made a 90-degree turn to my left, I looked to my right. There, in the formerly cloudless cobalt sky was a mushroom cloud rising thousands of feet into the air. Instantly I knew I had my answer.

This is why, ever since 9.11 and America's reactive invasions and idiotic 'global war on terror,' I haven't been able to shake the feeling that the wretched start to the 21st century would culminate in the use of nuclear weapons. I hope I'm wrong, because to this point, a foundation for psychological revolution and a true world order hasn't been poured.

It may be too late to prevent nuclear war. The United States, which has a larger military than all the rest of the militaries of the world combined, is pushing Putin and the Kremlin to the brink by saying it wants to "permanently weaken" Russia. Thus America is feeding Russia's perceived existential threat, which caused its brutal invasion of Ukraine.

We urgently need to begin pouring the foundation within ourselves and with others for a true global order. The word 'foundation' is interesting. It comes from the Latin, fondere -- to pour, to melt. A true foundation for a global order has to be continuously poured, so it won't harden and become brittle, but remain liquid in each generation. That stands to reason - liquid water is the foundation of life, and if human beings are finally to live in harmony with life, our consciousness must remain liquid.

What can we do as individuals? First, see that we aren't individuals at all, neither in the colloquial sense of the word, as separate entities, nor in the true meaning of in-dividuals, as undivided human beings. (What people really mean when they pridefully say, 'I am an individual' is 'I am a 'dividual').

Second, we need to do our own spadework daily with regard to bringing insight and understanding to the accumulation of ignorance and darkness in our own lives and lineages.

Third, we have to take time every day to passively observe our thoughts and emotions as they arise in the mirror of nature, which allows spontaneous stillness and peace.

On the political level, whether there is a limited nuclear war or not (if it's unlimited it will be the end of man), the end of the post-World War II international order is a fait accompli, necessitating the creation of a true global order.

Finally, in order to radically reform the United Nations into an effective, limited institution of global governance in the global society, an independent, genuinely global body of world citizens must be formed. A tri-partite global system would consist of a balance between nation-states, the UN General Assembly, and a Global Consultum. God save humanity.


Martin LeFevre is a contemplative, and non-academic religious and political philosopher. He welcomes dialogue.

Published with permission of the author. All copyright remains with the author.

© Fair Use. No Copyright intended by Fountain of Light

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