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Butterfly's View on US Election
Oct 30, 2004, 12:30pm

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Dear fiends

Next Tuesday is a critical Presidential Election in the USA and I urge you to consider voting for the candidate that will not focus and fear politics and once again establish the respect that we once held with the international community. If you don't live in the US email your friends that do. The whole world is watching and what each of us can do is of immense importance.

Please ask yourself these simple questions.

What candidate did you feel would help end the image of the Ugly American that bullies the whole world into submission?

What candidate would least likely lead to a police state in America?

Who is most likely to preserve our first amendment and civil liberties, respect international law, the Geneva Convention and the World Court?

Now that answer may be someone other than John Kerry. It certainly isn't Bush! There is Ralph Nader and other third party candidates, but if you voted for them wouldn't that be helping to ensure four more years of endless war, corporate rule, corruption and the further degradation of our environment.

Personally, I prefer to vote for Kerry and champion independent and third party candidates after we have instituted instant runoff voting. Then third party candidates wouldn't be acting as spoilers and would actually help to transform the other parties into addressing our grievances rather than pampering to corporate special interests.

If I had my choice Dennis Kucinich would be president and we would have a U.S. Department of Peace. Since Dennis is a Democrat, the best way to help get a Department of Peace would be to help his party retake control of Congress.

I suggest you please see
for information on Instant Runoff Voting.
You can also check out
based in Oakland, California. They are looking for volunteers.

For our members in California, please check out the Proposition Recommendations for the November 2, 2004 election from the San Fernando Valley/Northeast Los Angeles NOW PAC Please see

Laramie Crocker, one of our members, just finished turning his song Cargo into a Flash Movie that will bring tears to your ours. That is if you have a human heart are not a reptilian one. It is really wonderful. You can view it at
His complete letter can be found following my salutation.

May Peace Prevail on Earth & In Space!

Alan D. Moore
Butterfly Gardeners Association
- Founder & director

Musicians & Fine Artists for World Peace
- Founder & director
International Association of Educators for
World Peace
- Western States Program Director
Authors for a Positive Millennium - Co-director
POB 1511, Vallejo, Ca 94590

A powerful new flash movie: Cargo

Hi Alan,

George W. Bush doesn't want Americans to see or feel how many of our soldiers have died in Iraq. He even went as far as prohibiting the armed services from allowing photographs of returning coffins.

But a brave woman in the service distributed one of her photos to a newspaper, and the result was that she was fired. Then Russ Kick at was able to get a whole CD of images via a Freedom Of Information Act (FIOA)

When I saw these images, I cried.
Then I got angry.
Then I wrote the song "Cargo".

I've just finished turning the song into a Flash Movie that anyone with a soundcard in their computer can watch. It includes images from the Veterans for Peace "Vigil for the Fallen", which I played in New York. I also included
images from "War President" from

I wish everyone in the country could watch it to see the moving images and hear the song. People tell me the song is moving and beautiful. People tell me the song is powerful, and they wish everyone could hear it.

Please watch the movie and hear the song. If you agree that it is a powerful message for people to hear before the election, please send the following link out to everyone you can.

Please be patient. The web page will load, then the Flash movie will load in a minute or so on cable or DSL, or in about 5 minutes on dial-up. I think you'll find that it is worth it.

I've put everything I can into this movie -- my years of singing and songwriting, my cash and time in the recording studio, what I learned from Dr. George Lakoff about framing messages, my heart and soul. And the musicians who joined me in the studio were amazing. But it is still not enough if George W. Bush wins the election and a chance to pursue his stated goal of total domination in the Middle East,including new wars with Iran and Syria, never mind how many more young men and women must die.

The Vietnam War was stopped by tireless activism, by Americans coming together. In part, this was aided by the powerful music and poetry of the time. In this era of skillfully crafted pro-war messages, of war marketing, of
corporate media control, today you won't hear the artists on the radio who are working on the songs that would inspire us to fight to bring our troops home. By spreading this movie and song far and wide using the Internet, you can help to
bring a message of peace and sanity, a message that can bring us together.

We need to tell the next President to support our troops by bringing them home. Of course, I believe that John Kerry's plan to get out of Iraq in six months is better than George W. Bush's refusal to even have a plan, or even a timeline. But win or lose in this election, a common resolve to end this war and bring our troops home will be needed. I hope this movie and song can help build that resolve, that sense of community.

Laramie Crocker
October 28, 2004

How many members of the Bush Administration does it take to screw in a light

The Answer is TEN:
1. one to deny that a lightbulb needs to be changed,
2. one to attack the patriotism of anyone who says the lightbulb needs to be changed,
3. one to blame Clinton for burning out the lightbulb,
4. one to tell the nations of the world that they are either for changing the lightbulb or for darkness,
5. one to give a billion dollar no-bid contract to Haliburton for the new lightbulb,
6. one to arrange a photograph of Bush, dressed as a janitor, standing on a step ladder under the banner "Lightbulb Change Accomplished",
7. one administration insider to resign and write a book documenting in detail how Bush was literally "in the dark",
8. one to viciously smear #7,
9. one surrogate to campaign on TV and at rallies on how George Bush has had a strong light-bulb-changing policy all along,
10. and finally one to confuse Americans about the difference between screwing a lightbulb and screwing the country.

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