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Are All Trumpers Self-Pitying Narcissists Like the Donald?
By Martin LeFevre
Oct 14, 2021, 10:51am

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The only thing worse than Trump being reelected in 2020 would be Trump returning to the White House in 2024. It would be the end of America, just as Trumpers project it is under Biden.

There was a rally of Trumpers in my native state of Michigan yesterday, led by a chump running for State Attorney General, Representative Steve Carra. He's calling for a "forensic audit," though there's no such thing under Michigan law.

In a dark echo of the Trump mob's chant during the presidential campaign, the rabble shouted "Lock Her Up" over Carra's deranged rant about the Michigan AG, Dana Nessel, who certified the presidential election results in Michigan.

Afterward, a visibly distraught Nessel, who's life has been threatened by Trump crazies, spoke calmly about the gathering storm of authoritarianism in the USA, and how American democracy is in grave peril.

Who are these millions of followers of the ugly-mouth loser, Donald Trump? Are they sick, deluded, possessed or all three? And beyond politics and violence, how do decent people stop them from pushing America into outright fascism?

The fact that this disgraced former president, twice impeached (including by Republicans after he incited the January 6th riot at the Capitol) is a plausible candidate for the Republican nomination in 2024, much less that Trump could be re-elected, attests to how seriously sick the American body politic is.

It isn't just the one-third of the American people that believe in the Big Lie that Trump actually won the 2020 election; America as a whole is deeply socially and politically ill.

Who are these people in our midst who have utterly lost their hearts and minds, and not just the clowns and crazies still attending Trump's ego-balming and rationality bombing rallies.

There are many other Trumpers - cops, soldiers, teachers, businesspeople -- hiding under their rocks, waiting to crawl out again if their dear leader continues to gain momentum and instructs them to vent their venom to support him.

What motivates Trumpers? Why do they hate so much, and what do they actually hate? Why are they so filled with grievance and self-pity? And is there any way to stop their demonic desire to Make America Hate Again?

All attempts to reason with Trumpers have failed. They must be called out, before it's too late. Liberals and progressives, in their mushy inclusiveness, have to stop arguing with Trumpers and keep them in their lanes.

President Biden is running a fool's errand with his multi-trillion-dollar "Build Back Better" plan, which has at its core the idea that if you give the haters jobs and respect, they will stop hating.

Obtuse commentators in the mainstream media cling to "the idea that policy can change history." They absurdly maintain that the root problem is that there's a "group of people so enraged by a lack of respect that they are willing to risk death by Covid if they get to stick a middle finger in the air against those who they think look down on them."

Such fools believe, against all evidence and recent history, that "the Democratic spending bills are economic packages that serve moral and cultural purposes...and would redistribute dignity back downward."

Trumpers themselves scoff at such sentimental nonsense. They will not stop hating, because their hate has little to do with their economic status or education level. Its wellspring is the misery they've made of their own lives, no matter how much money or education they have.

It's the same vicious hatred I heard from millionaires in Michigan who said Obama should be shot, -- the same sort, whatever their income and education, that I've heard say Biden and Harris should be shot.

In truth, Trumpers, like Trump himself, draw from a bottomless well of grievance and self-pity. Rather than look in the mirror, they whine about condescension from liberals. And when that doesn't work, they 'own the libs' by calling them baby-killing pedophiles drinking the blood of fetuses in secret satanic ceremonies with 'global elites.'

There is no economic or political answer to such people. They are too far gone, and if they're not stopped, they'll take enough of the weak and wobbly with them to put unvarnished evil back in the White House.

I used to wonder, could Hitler have been stopped, or were the German people too far gone by 1934? Now that we've had an American Mussolini as president, he and his mob are again barking at fences they made necessary at the Capitol. Make no mistake, Donald the Hideous could win again.

Obviously the violence the Trumpers seek to provoke is not the answer. Without violence, decent Americans can stand against them, and the hatred and evil that flows through them, which uses them like ragdolls on a string.

Evil exists, but the devil is a coward, just like one of its main conduits on earth, Donald Trump. Liberals and progressives need to get their heads out of their New Age clouds and realize how dire and urgent the threat to a minimally civilized society Trumpers pose.


Martin LeFevre is a contemplative, and non-academic religious and political philosopher. He welcomes dialogue.

Published with permission of the author. All copyright remains with the author.

© Fair Use. No Copyright intended by Fountain of Light

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