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A Political Platform For The Aquarian Age
By Editors
Sep 11, 2004, 3:35pm

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The Republicans and The Democrats are finished with their conventions and their platforms but where does that leave the rest of us. Well, try this on for size - a look from the real people who never forgot Peace and Love.

This is the platform that the Fountain of Light would like to see enacted - a kind of road map for the future, not a wish list but a hope list.




The 60’s values of peace, love and togetherness.


Current values of self-righteousness, hate, selfishness and greed.

21st century awareness and thinking: The Aquarian age

“Dinosaur -thinking” as in war, domination, patriarchy, communism and reefer madness.

Using spiritual power, “truth force” and understanding to make positive changes.

Using manipulation, fear or violence for change.

Alternative living situations like group homes, communes, and tribes. Real Community.

Zoning laws that prevent alternative life styles while allowing businesses to do as they please.


John and Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, FDR & Eleanor Roosevelt, Aung Suu Kyi

Bush (41 & 43), Cheney, Reagan, Nixon, Kissinger, Condoleeza Rice

Ralph Nader’s Policies

Ralph Nader for President

The Declaration of Independence and The Bill of Rights.

Direct election of president.

Impeachment of supreme court justices.

The Supreme Court deciding issues along partisan lines, interfering in the electoral process and installing a president who did not win the popular vote.

More women and minorities in business and politics.

Women and minorities who forget their roots and act like the establishment.

Real leadership

Opinion polls


Reading, books and public libraries

Book banning and censorship


Gay Rights including Gay marriage and all alternatives that preserve rights and benefits.

Any restrictions on marriage including group marriage.


Water conservation

Growth that adds more water taps without serious restrictions

Gardening, farming, natural ground cover

Kentucky blue grass, pesticides other than natural.


Local stores, reasonably priced products.


Natural Food like we used to have prior to the last 40 years. (Remember the tomato!)

Hormone beef, up tight chickens and chemical laden fruits and veggies.

Professional sports, especially hockey, football and soccer.

The owners of teams, higher ticket prices, excessive salaries for athletes, and not enough bathrooms for women at the stadiums. (Fair isn’t always equal.)

Good Sportsmanship

Excessive violence in sports. Poor officiating.


Free Mass transit

Toll roads

More Efficient cars (Fuel mileage should be closer to 40 mph and 60 mph the goal.)

Diesel belching trucks.

Auto companies unconcerned with the problem.

Sound energy policy predicated on only using oil coming from the North American continent.

Importing oil and fighting wars for oil.

Reevaluation of auto insurance coverage and costs.

Insurance companies forcing a policyholder to sue for coverage of what they paid for.

Bicycles and more bike paths

Bicycles sharing right of way with trucks and cars


Light beer, imported beer, good wine and moderation.

Coors anything, as in drinking the right wing agenda.

Breathalyzers in bars, designated drivers

Making drunk drivers a money trip for lawyers and the legal system.


More opportunities for women and minorities.

Women serving in combat.

Equal pay for equal work.

Wal-Mart and other like them that enforce labor slavery.


Lower taxes for working people.

Higher taxes for corporations.

Excessive tax breaks for corporations

Guaranteed income.

The stigma of Welfare.


The people in the military and giving them higher pay with better benefits.


Bringing the troops home.

Waiting even one more day.

The Peace Dividend

The military industrial energy complex.



Economic development, especially involving small businesses

Big Corporations getting all the breaks.


Family style restaurants. And places that really serve the community.

Junk food chains like McDonalds where the grease can dissolve the soles of your shoes.

Fair Trade coffee, herbal tea, sun tea and clean water.

Coffee shops using Styrofoam or non bio-degradable cups, weak tea and tap water with fluoride. Taking advantage of farmers.


Walking, bicycle riding and games you can play with the kids like 4 square. Also Yoga, Tai Chi and Chi Gong.

Golf (the courses use too much water), Women’s Exercise Centers (a rip off) and Aerobics (unless you can do it at home from a tape.)


Responsible sex and birth control.

A woman’s right to choose.

The state controlling a woman’s alternatives.

Condoms, diaphragms, cervical caps

IUDs and birth control pills.


More public parks, more camping spots and more free days for all facilities.

High prices for all public funded places including museums, zoos and parks.


A Free Press

A conservative press like we have now.

Movies watched at home, conversation

The vast wasteland of TV. Mind control.

Computers and technology

Bill Gates and Microsoft

Internet and broadband for everyone.

Higher prices for bandwidth

Alternate news that is not shaped or managed - such as found on the Internet.

TV news anchors who wink and are ponderous instead of giving you the plain truth.

TV networks owned by big corporations.

Secure voting

Electronic voting machines without a paper print out and adequate controls.

Limits on campaign spending. (Hundreds of millions for president is sinful.)

Corporations and lobbyists controlling who gets elected and then what legislation is passed.


Music (like Where Have All The Flowers Gone and This Land Is Your Land), Rock, Jazz , Blue Grass, some country and some Hip Hop.

Noise pollution in the environment like heavy equipment and two stroke engines.

Music, bands, instruments, singing and Karaoke with family, friends at home and in public.

Elevator music, canned radio stations and radio networks which are part of the right wing agenda.

Geodesic domes, environmentally sound materials and building techniques. Sustainable living.

Square ricky ticky poorly built houses and instant slums.

Incense and patchouli

Perfume counters at the entrance to stores and plastic manufacturing residues in carpet and fabrics. Indoor pollution.

Movies like “the American President” and “The Lord of the Rings” and “X-Men”.

Excessive violence in movies.

Actors as politicians.

Movie makers like Michael Moore

Disney pap


Recycling everything and money incentives for all bottles, glass and plastic. Cradle to the grave responsibility for companies making products.

Charging money to recycle. (It should be included in the cost.)

Board games and card games that can be played with the family. Computer games

Unlimited electronic game use by kids

Government support for more efficient appliances

Utilities gouging the public and giving lousy service.

Alternative energy like solar and wind and tax incentives for use, like the Jimmy Carter administration.

Paying more in the utility bill for what the energy industry should be doing anyway.


Public schools, home schools, smaller class sizes, and better paid teachers. Respect for teachers. Adding to the curriculum with information about alternative energy and sustainable living.

Vouchers for private schools, second-rate education.

Burned out teachers and administrators.

Eliminating activity costs in public schools for families that can’t afford it.

Making public education dependant on money from the family.

Uniforms in public schools.

Excessive costs for the uniforms. It should be nominal or donated by stores.

Free public education through college including trade schools.

State school tuition for in state students.



Mandatory public service of 2 years for everyone in society, military or other alternative serving the good.

Draft for military service.

More responsive government.

Ombudsmen and civilian review of police.

Resorting to violence to redress wrongs.

Social security, Medicare, unemployment insurance and anything that benefits families and just plain people.

Deficit spending that leads to cuts in social programs.

Health care for all including dental care

High insurance rates, pre-existing conditions, excessive drug prices

Natural, holistic and alternative health care

Doctors as pill pushers who don’t consider long-term consequences.

Legalizing marijuana (allowing medical uses as well as recreational use), funding scientific research on properties. Growing hemp.

Incarcerating drug users. Restrictions on growing and using hemp.

Alcohol advertising

Increased drug education about all drugs including those being prescribed by doctors.

Drug companies controlling health care.


Giving Consideration to Smokers - as long as they do it away from children and non-smokers.

Incentives to get people to stop or never start smoking.

Higher prices for cigarettes to get people to stop. (It’s just another hardship.)


Shopping (We all have to do it and sometimes buying a little something can give you a lift!)

Poor quality merchandise and not enough sales help.


The space program.

Saving the Hubble.

Aerospace companies that are rewarded for failure with future contracts and excessive profits.

Arms in space.


Gun control.

Restricting hunting and legitimate uses. But nobody needs and automatic rifle for hunting animals!


The United Nations

The lameness and impotency of the UN and control by the US.

Alliances with Canada and Mexico and allowing illegal aliens to get drivers licenses, health care and education.

Countries that support this countries militaristic tendencies such as this war in Iraq. (A real friend will tell you when you’re wrong.)

Fair Trade with Cuba

The Cuban community in Miami who prevent change. Travel Restrictions.

Support for emerging democracies such as Venezuela and Brazil.

Dictatorships and military control such as in Burma, even when they are allies or support the US.

Learning Spanish or another language and making this country bi-lingual.

English only.

Native American tribal community and the indigenous spirit.

Columbus Day. (He did practice genocide and didn’t discover anything!)

Giving land back to the tribes, starting with all the public parks.

Alcohol on Indian reservations including in casinos.

More recognition and respect to all minorities.

Discrimination in any form.


Revision of rape laws including adding reasonable categories.

Rape and Sexual harassment in any form.


Jobs that enable people to support a family and in some way are uplifting.

Working and still poor.


Family and community.

Divisiveness, separateness

Spirituality and separation of church and state

Religious leaders telling us how to vote.




Our kids growing up in a better world where there is enough for everyone and everyone has an opportunity to develop their true potential.

Anything that stands in the way.

© Fair Use. No Copyright intended by Fountain of Light

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